How to get started!

Everyone is welcome to try out platform tennis for free.  
It is similar to ping pong and tennis, with a net separating the sides of the court 
but it also is similar to racketball and squash because shots are playable after they bounce off of the screens.  The game is called platform tennis or paddle with official scoring the same as in tennis.  Feel free to play with a tennis ball to make the game more like pickle ball.  
For a great cardio workout, go out there solo and hit shots off of the screens.

Equipment- Eddie's  Restaurant has paddles and balls for sale during business hours.

Paddles and balls may be borrowed for free during business hours from the following:

Eddies Restaurant
The Golf Pro Shop at Ticonderoga Golf Club
The Hague Market, Hague, NY
Silver Bay YMCA, Silver Bay,  NY
Burleigh's Luncheonette, Ticonderoga

We ask that players return paddles and balls following play on the same day.

Sneakers only on the courts and we suggest wearing comfortable clothes.

Rules and guidelines for play are posted next to the courts.

All guests must sign in before the start of play please on the clipboard hanging on the wall off of the deck area.