Your membership fee helps supports our "Platform For Life" Youth  Job Training/Mentoring Program. 

Annual Membership

                  January 1-December 31                 

Annual memberships are $175.00 for one adult, or     $225.00 for a household.  

  • Members will receive emails with upcoming event info and coverage of past events plus instructional tips. 
  • Members will have unlimited court time and unlimited court reservations up to 7 days in advance of play.  Guests will be limited to 2 days in advance. (No guests until further notice). 
  • Members will be supporting our "Platform for Life" youth job training/mentoring program.
  • Members will have access to free instruction with APTA Hall of Famer Patty Hogan plus discounted rates on instructional opportunities with visiting pros from across the paddle world.  
  • Members get discounts on Paddles and Balls. 
  • Brand new members will get their first 2 years for the price of 1 if they join after July 1st. 

Please send checks for membership, payable to NLG Paddle to : 
NLG Paddle
 C/O Sheridan Burleigh, 349 Black Point Road, Ticonderoga, NY 12883

and it is ok to give membership check in person to Sherrie or Patty if you want to resume play immediately.  

Until further notice,  we are not able to safely offer our "Pay as you Play" Option for Guests 

All kids will be able to play for free thanks to afterschool programming efforts with the Ticonderoga Central School District and The Silver Bay YMCA. 

Teenagers will be able to earn playing privileges as part of our new "Platform for Life" youth program. 

Donations will be graciously accepted and will support our "Platform for Life" Youth Job Training/Leadership program.